5 Computer-based Hobbies for People Who Love Tech

Computers aren’t exactly new, quickly spreading around the world after their commercial introduction in the late 20th century. There were over 5 billion internet users as of July 2022.

But not everyone uses computers in the same way, of course – and there are tonnes of opportunities for tech enthusiasts to flex their creative muscles. There are plenty of perks in doing so too.

Computers allow us to expand our skills and knowledge and discover new hobbies or even new professions. This point is especially important as the UK economy continues to be held back by a serious digital skills gap.

So what avenues could you explore in your spare time?

what-are-some computer-based-hobbies
Computer and Tech Related Hobbies

Software Development

Software development is a hugely broad term covering the design, build and test of an array of software components. The fun part is it involves learning to code – with many programming languages available – then seeing where your skills and interests take you.

You could build websites, apps, or games for example, or even delve into electronics with activities like PCB prototyping.

Online Gaming


The gaming world has come a long way from the primitive days of titles such as Pong. The ability to play online with people from all over the world has created new opportunities for socializing, testing yourself, and even going professional.

You might prefer shooters, sports simulators, adventure games, or something else. Whatever your taste, online gaming can be a great way to boost your mental well-being and sharpness.

Photo/Video Editing

If you’ve always fancied yourself with a camera, then the photo or video editing is the next logical step.

Editing allows you to take your photos to the next level, refining, adding, or removing different elements while creating your own visual style. Video editing is a similar process but with even greater opportunity, be it for home movies or your very own YouTube channel.

Digital Art

Digital art is another exciting yet accessible way to hone your creativity. It typically involves creating digital paintings or illustrations, potentially using a special tablet and stylus to draw whatever comes to mind.

What is Digital Art? (?️ Credit: www.youtube.com/@britishartschannel)

Just like photo and video editing, it’s then possible to build on your initial sketches using editing software. You might go on to share and even sell your creations online – or keep them for your own enjoyment.

Music Production

Alternatively, if you’ve always held an appreciation for music, then learning production will allow you to see what goes on beneath your favorite songs.

You might already play an instrument or have a keen ear for electronic music and mixing. Whatever the case, there are plenty of tools out there for developing your craft and even sharing your creations with wider listeners.


These hobbies offer a great way to get creative, learn new skills, and have fun with technology. Hopefully, this article has given you a few ideas to explore and get started on your journey into the world of computer-based hobbies.

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