How to Improve Admin Efficiency Through Technology (9 WAYS)

The ever-changing technological environment has created limitless opportunities in the business world and added dynamism to business administration. Harnessing technology and staying current can help develop lean and efficient administration processes. Therefore, as an administrator, it’s crucial for you to leverage these technological advancements.

To help you, here are some ways you to improve your administrative process using technology:

Adapt Online Document Authentication And Signing

Nowadays, one of the most effective strategies to implement is electronically signing documents online. As an administrator, instead of moving from office to office and having staff sign documents, you can electrotonically sign documents online using e-signature software.

An e-signature software is most effective for a company with branches in various locations but only one central administration office.


With the simplest e-signing tools, you can sign documents online, configure authentication, and verify permissions, increasing admin efficiency, transparency, accountability, and collaboration while speeding up contract turnaround time. E-signing enables you to request e-signatures from twenty or more people online and show them exactly where to sign.

Application of Barcodes

One administrative area where technology can help is asset management. If you’re holding and managing claims in your company, you should know which claims you have, how many there are, and where they’re located if the company has multiple locations. You could use barcoding in conjunction with inventory or asset management software to improve your assert management.

This technology is made up of three parts: barcoding hardware, software, and barcoding itself. The hardware consists of the tangible Information Technology (IT) equipment required to translate information, whereas the software invariably makes the administrative process much easier and more organized.

The software includes coding and allows for the quick and efficient acquisition of new asset data via a simple scan of a different item. Similar items will be grouped and placed in assert registers. The registers can be printed and saved on paper.

Barcoding allows you to easily access information relevant to your claims, making the administration process more efficient.

Implement the Use of Analytics

As an administrator, you should keep track of the progress of your administrative duties. Using traditional methods is a massive task that can be solved by properly harnessing technology. In this case, software such as analytics software can be helpful.  

Analytics software calculates actual time, material cost estimates, budgets, and timeframes. In addition, you can use software to track your company’s metrics to improve the efficiency of your administration processes if you need to know how you are doing with the overall work. That’ll allow you to compare your administrative performance to established benchmarks.

Use Video Conferencing

Video conferencing encourages collaboration with other organizations in your industry. You can keep your team informed by using virtual meetings and conference calls. Conference calls, in particular, will allow you to communicate in real time with more than two people in different offices or locations. This saves money and provides a quick means of communication.

Virtual meetings improve administrative efficiency by lowering the cost of venue arrangements, travel, and hotel bookings. Conference calls can be both voice and video. You can also communicate using social media platforms.

Video Conferencing

Invest in Cloud Computing

You can also make use of cloud computing so as to improve your admin efficiency. Cloud computing allows you to get work done even when you are away from your office desktop.

This promotes administration flexibility by allowing you to pull resources easily, allowing for greater scalability and admin efficiency. You can use cloud services to send and receive data and download new software applications.

Cloud computing also allows you to easily share and edit documents, improving admin efficiency and data security. Because the data is stored online, you can access information stored on cloud services from anywhere.

Use Interactive Calendars

An interactive calendar is one effective way for administrators to leverage technology. It enables you to improve administrative efficiency in your organization. An interactive calendar lets you create centralized appointments and goals that your employees can access at any time, from any location, and using any electronic device.

This helps your admin’s efficiency since this technology lets your team know beforehand what needs to be done.

Use of Biometric Authentication

Biometric Access Control

Another way to improve admin efficiency through technology is by employing biometric authentication. In addition to passwords and passcodes, you can use biometric authentication to protect administration data.

Biometric authentication uses fingerprints, voice recognition, and face recognition, among other things, to allow you and a few others to access your locker while keeping administration data secure.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is another way to improve admin efficiency through technology. This allows you to perform automated follow-ups on your employees. This means you could install an app tailored to your specific business that makes following up on work effortless.

Automation of workflow can also help to improve and reduce administrative tasks. As a result, you could choose to automate all tasks that do not require human intervention. This will increase organizational efficiency because your employees will be concentrating on more complex tasks.

So, by installing an app, you could automate repetitive tasks such as sending monthly messages to customers.

Use of Payment Software To Improve Your Billing Processes

You can also use payment software to ensure your billing process is quick and efficient. Billing can be time-consuming, and it can also be hampered by human error. This is especially important if your staff has a lot of responsibilities.

Aside from reducing human error and the amount of time spent on billing, payment software can also reduce billing costs. As a result, you can use e-billing systems to improve your administrative work and customer experience.

Conclusion on How Technology Improves Admin Efficiency

How to Improve Admin Efficiency Through Technology

Technology has been a stepping stone for most businesses. This is because of its efficiency, which ultimately results in growth and profit-making for most businesses. Like any other organization, the administration department has processes and tasks that can be made more efficient through technology.

Utilizing technology for efficient administrative duties necessitates staying current with the ever-changing technological environment, allowing your organization to remain competitive.

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