How Can Different Industries Benefit from Using Transcription Companies?

Transcribing audio files is a service used within many different industries for numerous other reasons. Each industry uses transcription and can benefit from using it in many different ways.

However, in some cases, businesses within these industries opt to use in-house transcribers instead of companies specializing in transcription.

This article will outline the different industries that use transcription services and discuss the benefits of using a professional transcription company instead of an in-house transcriptionist.



Why Should You Use A Transcription Company?

Professional transcription companies are the most convenient and most accurate method of transcribing documents. However, some companies decide to use audio typists instead of transcription companies.

The main difference between these is that an audio typist often works in an office setting and transcribes the words of one person. They then become familiar and used to that person.

On the other hand, a transcription company can use an audio or video file and transcribe conversations between multiple people. Transcriptionists also have the patience to deal with people talking over each other and are trained to work with different accents.

This means that transcription companies offer many more benefits as they have more training and are better equipped to transcribe different types of audio and conversations.

Why Does The Medical Industry Use Transcriptions?

Transcription is a very important factor in ensuring that medical treatment and any diagnosis are recorded correctly within the medical industry. And if medical records are recorded incorrectly, this can cause severe problems.

Incorrect medical records can lead to the wrong treatment being provided to the patient in the future and produce the risk of the same treatment being given more than once.

Another main benefit of having transcription used within the medical industry is that it allows all doctors and practitioners working on a patient’s case to be on the same page.

As well as this, having accurate medical records can prove that the patient received the best treatment possible in a legal case.

Why Does The Legal Industry Use Transcriptions?

There are many reasons why the legal industry replies upon transcription, especially for any court case. However, other aspects of the legal sector require transcribing. These can be anything from 911 calls to meetings within the legal world.

Legal transcription requires a transcriptionist with knowledge of the language associated with the legal industry to ensure that the results are accurate.

An interview takes place when a witness is called in to state a case or when someone is accused of a crime. These are either recorded by video or just audio. These types of files can then be sent off to outside transcription companies, or in some cases, an in-house transcriber, to be typed into a written document which can be used during the court case if required.

Having written documentation of these hearings is a safer and more convenient way of storing this type of evidence. It is also a lot easier to provide a jury with this document alongside the audio file as they can follow this better and understand the conversation being had.

A physical copy of this conversation also has its benefits. Anyone who may need this documentation can have it to hand and highlight any aspects of the text that they feel are essential and adds value to the case.

Which Other Industries Use Transcription Services?

Various other industries use transcription services that you might not think would require this service.

For example, the construction industry relies on transcription companies to transcribe site inspections and surveys. This is important, as without these issues, questioning the safety and outcomes of these.

The construction industry and other industries, such as the business industry, can also use transcription companies for team meetings. This is because it can be passed on to a staff member if they were absent from the meeting, allowing them to be on the same page with what is going on.

To Summerise:

Many industries rely on transcription within their field of work, whether this is the legal industry’s requirement for transcribed hearings or the medical industry’s need for accurate medical documentation.

Transcription companies can keep up with the high demand for multiple documents to be transcribed and are more trained and experienced in dealing with different types of audio files.

It means that using a transcription company for your transcription needs is the better option to get the most accurate outcome.

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