7 Ways to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing for Small Businesses

Let’s face it, every one of us is guilty of immediately checking our phones when we wake up. However, today, let’s ignore the guilt and think of a way to use this knowledge of an average person’s reliance on their phones to our advantage!

Yep, we’re talking about; SMS marketing, and if you don’t already know, then it’s one of the most effective tools to market your products and services successfully.

So let’s learn more about it and find out how you can leverage the power of SMS marketing for your business.

Businesses & SMS Marketing – A Match Made in Heaven

Businesses and SMS marketing are made for each other, and while several different marketing methods may exist, few are as effective as the SMS marketing method. The reason for this is that mobile phones are everywhere today, and it’s estimated that 4.77 billion people will own a smartphone this year!

Keep this in mind; it would be foolish of any business to ignore the prospects that are offered by SMS marketing.

Getting in touch with 4.77 billion people who are likely to open every message on their phones seems like the perfect way for businesses to start marketing themselves.

A match made in heaven, indeed?

7 Ways to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing


Now then, let’s discuss seven ways to leverage the power of mobile SMS marketing for your business:

Build Your SMS Marketing Team

While some people may think creating meaningful SMS messages that make action is easy, that’s not the case. You see, this isn’t the same as texting any family member or friend!

Creating these messages requires more time and attention, and this isn’t something that everyone can do. Hence, it’s recommended to create an SMS marketing team of creative individuals who can get your message across in the best possible manner.

These messages need to instill a sense of urgency within your customers, and to do this; you should hire a team that is constantly working on generating great messages to send to your customers via SMS. Marketing interns can be employed to do this as well if you’re on a low budget.

Contact People Who are Likely to Engage

The tendency to engage with texts differs amongst various age groups. That’s why it’s important to focus on sending your messages to customers who are more likely to engage with them.

One rule of thumb is to always send your SMS marketing messages to customers who have previously engaged with you. However, in other cases, it is important to do some research and analyze what sort of messages are more likely to engage with certain types of customers.

For example, an SMS message marketing toddler’s apparel would be better off not being sent to teenagers. After all, what would they do with such a message? Instead, such a message could be targeted at customers who are more likely to have children.

Link Your Social Media to Your SMS Alerts

The importance of listing a phone number where customers can text to sign up for updates and messages cannot be stressed enough! The best place to list such a number would be on your social media page.

Today, social media platforms such as Facebook allows businesses to add an ‘Opt in’ button for customers to sign on to their SMS campaigns.

Keep Your SMS Fun and Short

When designing your SMS marketing campaign, remember that texts are highly informal and personal and allow the perfect opportunity for you to entertain your customers!

Use this opportunity to provide your customers with a memorable experience while at the same time providing information about your products or service.

Furthermore, the shorter the SMS, the better. Research has shown that customers tend to read more concise messages more often than longer ones.

Use Call-to-Action Wisely

You’ll be surprised to know, that not all businesses use a call-to-action wisely! In your SMS marketing campaign, the call-to-action is perhaps an essential part.


That’s because this call-to-action will potentially drive sales; hence, it has to be used wisely. Different calls to action include:

  • ‘Click the link to discover more.’
  • ‘Subscribe today and get free items.’

Time Your Messages

In SMS Marketing, getting your timing right plays a significant role in determining the number of people to whom your message will benefit. For instance, if you’re launching a Friday sale, sending SMS marketing messages to your customers promoting this event at least one or two days before the sale day would make sense.

Furthermore, marketing through SMS would be less beneficial during working hours as individuals are less likely to follow up on the texts. Hence, time your messages.

Remember the Loyal Ones

Businesses who reward loyal customers are more likely to benefit as they play the role of brand ambassador to their fellows!

Hence, no matter what SMS marketing campaign you are designing, make sure to include your loyal customers in the target group that these messages will be sent to them.

Treating your best customers like VIPs by offering them special discounts also ensures that they will stick around for a longer time.


Regardless of the sort of company you own, you can maximize the benefits of SMS marketing by dedicating attention to crafting these messages.

From saving money to engaging better with your audience, SMS marketing is the perfect tool to help propel your company forward!

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