6 Incredible Trade Show Marketing Ideas to Attract Local Customers

Trade shows and conventions are significant marketing events for brands that know the ‘How’s.’

For a small business, it can open the door to meet your prospective local customers and create an impression with them. What could be more effective than a say-it-to-their-faces marketing statement?

With many brands on the ground battling for attention, your business needs to stand out to outplay local competitors, gain new customers and spread awareness.

Are you wondering what these are? Well, let’s get going with discovering how to do that effectively.

What Exactly is Trade Show?

trade show

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Trade shows, also known as expos or trade fairs, are basically an event where different businesses from a specific industry come together to discuss, display and demonstrate their products to potential customers.

These are usually hosted in large spaces and for several days, where businesses establish their booths to attract a target audience.

It is noteworthy that the target audience of an expo varies according to the rules determined by the show.

For example, in Consumer Electronics Shows, they may only allow the industry professionals to attend. The idea of such an event will be to get investment for the future or existing projects of the company.

Why Should You Participate in it?

Participating in trade shows offers numerous opportunities to business owners. In addition to showcasing new products, these businesses can connect in-person with the target audience, generating high-quality leads and driving sales.

It further helps businesses evaluate competition levels and get insights into competitors’ strategies.

Having said that, below are a six impressive trade show marketing ideas that can bring success to your exhibition:

6 Marketing Ideas to Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Marketing Examples: Get More Leads by Kyle Milan

1. Use Branded Giveaways and Souvenirs

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Giving out branded souvenirs in a trade convention is one of the potent ways to let customers root for you. When people own an item of sentimental value from your brand, it reminds them of the event and location.

That makes your company come to mind even after they leave your booth. And when it’s time for them to make purchases, they find it hard to take their business elsewhere. They want to give back, thanks to the reciprocating nature of man.

And there’s more; if these branded Souvenirs are wearables, your brand messaging will travel far and wide.

There is a wide range of customizable, small, and inexpensive products you can use as souvenirs; branded pen, USB drive, wristbands, T-shirts, caps, and lots more.

2. Be Attractive on Sight

When was the last time you saw something so unique that you couldn’t take your eye off its awesomeness? And even with your eyes off, it leaves an indelible mark on your mind that will linger on for months to come.

You can make your trade show booth one kind by creating classy business signage. How?

You can create stunning graphics that hook people like months to a flame using trade show displays.

From your table cover, backdrop, backlit display, banner, and counter, you can make an out of sorts branded appearance that leaves your business in the mind of even passersby all without getting overwhelmed.

You can even seek help from professionals to do the job for your business.

3. Share Your Expertise

This operates on a simple marketing logic; “To attract value, share value.

While other businesses are busy competing on appearance, you can stake in educational sessions to take the market far from their reach.

Set up your booth front like a seminar room where people can sit and learn one or two things in just a few minutes. Don’t just tell them; show them.

Help people find answers to the questions they’ve been dying to ask. Share information that might not even cost them some penny to get. And guide gently to how your product is the answer to their questions.

When you give them enough, they will favor your business over other competitors doing simply visual marketing. And, one last genius move before they leave is to hand them some of your branded souvenirs.

4. Allow Attendees to Test Your Products

Bear in mind, the majority of the people visit the expos or exhibitions to learn about the new products.

Allowing the attendees to test your products will help them get quality insights into your company’s offerings and how it is better than the competitors. So, make sure to display the opportunity to “try and test” your products on your banners, counters, backlit displays, and more.

When the customers experience your products first-hand, they will be inclined to buy them.

Apart from this, they might recommend the product to their family and friends, eventually helping you accomplish the trade show objective.

5. Have a Great Trade Show Motto


A catchy show motto is another great way to tell customers about the brand’s ideology and objectives. Plus, catchy phrases tend to get stuck in the reader or viewer’s mind.

It will help them recall your product and business even after the event ends. Most importantly, once you have created a product image in customers’ minds, they will give your brand a preference when purchasing a certain product.

Tip: Keep the motto short, clear, and crisp. It will be easy to remember and help grab customers’ attention.

6. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Last but not least, attending trade shows is fun and thrilling. But, it can be exhausting for the attendees. By creating a relaxing atmosphere at your booth, you’ll be able to attract many customers.

You can give the target audience a “homey” feel by setting up chairs or table fans. And while the people are resting, you can explain how your product can help live a convenient life.

It is undoubtedly a simple yet effective way to market your product and attract the target audience.

The Conclusion- Go Rock Your Next Trade Show Display!

Your presence at a trade show can be the turning point for your local business. If adopted well, the above trade show marketing ideas can make you stay on top of the competition and attract traffic to your station.

So, go ahead, let the fancy display bring them in, serve them some piece of helpful information, and don’t forget to make them leave without branded souvenirs.

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