7 Ways How Adding Subtitles on Your Videos Can Boost Your Digital Video Strategy

With mobile devices finding their home in everyone’s hands, videos for entertainment or marketing continue to be the most consumed content format. Videos are engaging, catch the viewer’s attention for long periods and reach new audiences effortlessly. Videos help viewers to digest the content more quickly than with just words.

In today’s atmosphere where inclusivity and user experience are of paramount importance, marketers have had to level up their video strategy. Subtitles have fairly become an unmissable part of this new-and-improved strategy. The benefits of using them are many, which is why research states that 80% of viewers are more likely to complete watching videos with subtitles.

7 Reasons to include subtitles in your video marketing strategy

How Adding Subtitles on Your Videos Can Boost Your Digital Video Strategy

In simple terms, subtitles are the text form of the audio used in the video. These subtitles are used to reach a wider audience irrespective of language barriers and also to differently-abled people. Companies are adding subtitles wherever possible so that their audience base grows and user experience is the best while improving SEO and other marketing efforts.

The other advanced form of subtitles we see today is captioned. These captions not only include what’s being spoken in the video but also specify the background noises and other things happening in the background. This lets the viewers understand the context and setup of the entire video even when they’re not watching it directly.

With the on-the-move lifestyles of today and the increasing demand for short-form content, subtitles ensure that key information isn’t lost in translation. Ultimately, the goal is to take videos to the maximum number of audiences regardless of demographic, language, location, and other speech-related issues. There is no looking back once subtitles become embedded into your digital video strategies.

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Subtitles in videos improve engagement rates

Improve engagement rates

With a majority of the population becoming people who complete tasks on the go, watching videos is also another multitasking activity for them. Often in subways, buses, and other modes of transport, people usually watch videos to proactively spend their traveling time. Earphones or not, having subtitles on videos has become a necessity for such viewers.

The reasons for the growing demand are many, like:

  • People don’t want to disturb other co-passengers or coworkers while watching videos, especially when they don’t have their earphones around
  • They could be watching something that they think they’ll understand better if they can also read the dialogue.

Either way, heeding these demands for the inclusion of subtitles will only boost your digital video strategy. When you implement subtitles using the Happy Scribe’s subtitle feature, you have greater chances of improving the engagement rates amongst your audiences. 

Make information easier to process

Following closely to point 1 is that people are now more likely to manage 2-3 things at once so efficiently use their time. With watching videos, one needs to pay full attention so as to not miss out on important info or misunderstand what’s being said. With subtitles popping up on your videos, you will be able to simplify the context for your viewers.

A clear translation of your message in the text along with the audio and the video will go a long way in reaching the right audiences. It is also true that visual aid can simplify concepts and ideas and smoothen information sharing. With continuous usage, your audiences will easily process the data and feel more confident in engaging and participating in your marketing strategies.

Improve SEO rankings

SEO rankings influence the marketing strategies of any company as one of the most sought-after goals is to rank high on search engine pages. For that, your content must be easily understandable to search engines. When you add subtitles to your videos, you are automatically feeding and providing detailed info to web crawlers so that they can place you at the top of their algorithm.


Subtitles not only help search engines but also the viewers by letting them know what the content is all about. Depending on the video’s relevancy, your viewers have the freedom to decide what they watch. When you create goal-oriented digital video strategies, the right usage of keywords in subtitles will help in reaching your target audience and potential customers.

Increase accessibility and reach

Today, the market isn’t restricted to a particular demographic but is a global one. Therefore, language barriers and other blocks are a thing of the past. Subtitles have been one of the major things in the digital industry that have changed the game for companies all over the world. There is a reason why shows like Citadel have topped charts worldwide. Widespread marketing and the availability of multiple subtitles have not stopped people from watching the show. 

Of course, accessibility and reach will not be powerful concept if it doesn’t cover people suffering from disabilities. A good percentage of the total population suffers from hearing disabilities, amongst others. With subtitles, you’re not only reaching non-native speakers but also making your videos accessible to those who suffer from hearing loss.

Stimulate more shares among consumers

Your content in text or audio only will not have as much of an impact as the video does. Videos bring brands to life by adding personality to them. An eye-grabbing video will stop viewers from shifting channels soon. Viewers will automatically like or comment on the video, improving engagement and sharing potential of the video.

Your videos can go places where you can’t and they’re the content format that is shared the most. Including subtitles in your marketing videos will help in:

  • Conveying the right message and brand image to viewers and audiences
  • Stimulate more shares when posted on social media channels
  • Attract new consumers to your brand who aren’t limited by the language.

Creates a wider and global audience base

Following closely to point 5 is this aspect of videos that aren’t restricted to a particular group of people. While English continues to be the most spoken language in the world, there is still the usage of accents that may hinder the viewer’s understanding of the video and the language used in it. With subtitles, non-English speakers and accent users can clearly understand the purpose and words used in the video.

Eventually, your video becomes an all-inclusive one that anyone from any part of the world can watch. Your video-making abilities will also not take a hit now that you can continue making videos in English without worrying about how viewers will perceive them. Your brand message will still be loud and clear and bring you the desired results from your video strategy.

Upgrade the entire viewing experience

Imagine you’ve sat down to watch “Train to Busan” which is an internationally-acclaimed Korean movie. When you do start the movie, you realize the English subtitles aren’t available. Not only does this spoil your viewing experience but also discredits the hard work of the people who have tried to make the movie accessible to all.


Similarly, videos are now watched on mobile devices more than the bigger screens. That also means your viewers could be strolling in the park or commuting via cabs or buses and still be watching videos. When you add subtitles to the mix, you increase the watchability quotient by enabling muted videos also to make sense. At the end of the day, your videos will have the upper hand over your competitors who haven’t yet included this vital element in their digital video strategies.

Turning tables on videos with subtitles

Without a doubt, more people will consume video content for information, entertainment, and other purposes. The power of videos is unmatched for companies who aim to create a strong brand image for themselves. When you include subtitles in your videos, you’re ensuring that your videos will be seen by as many people as possible. Make your efforts count with each video you create.

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