7 Best Apps You Can Use to Earn Passive Income in 2024

It is tough to believe, but earning a passive income is possible without doing much. Tons of apps require people to fill out survey forms and answer questions for product development and product testing. They also request opinion polls. You could even watch a video and earn money for it.

We have listed seven apps you can trust and use to earn passively. These apps work and pay differently. You can pick one to suit your preference. Get Started!

Honeygain App


This is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income from the comfort of your home. Honeygain is all about collecting non-personal data and being paid for that data.

You will need to collect on your online behavior and the way you respond to ads. You do not have actually to do any physical work for it. You download the app and let it run in the background. You will be paid only for running the app in your background without doing anything. The more traffic you share with Honeygain, the more you earn.

ClipClaps App

clipclaps earn money

This app will pay you for watching videos and creating your videos. You only need to download the app from the Google Store and create a verified account.

Once you have a verified account, you can watch videos & complete the task (you will know more about it when you try the app). You are paid for each completed task. You can also answer questions asked in surveys and quizzes and earn money for your response.

If you are a good content creator, you can also upload interesting content & share it on the app. You earn good money for making videos with high engagement possibilities.

TapMob App

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TapMob works on the principle of passive income based on Cost Per Action (aka CPA). You will need to get people to sign up for different kinds of service providers via their email. You need not make any actual purchase to earn the money.

The best part about TapMob is that it offers CPA options for various niches, which helps you generate good passive income. This is how a company uses social media to enhance one’s customer network.

Webull App

Webull app

Webull is the best avenue to make some easy money. Suppose you have idle cash lying around in your account. In that case, deposit that money in your Webull account. You’ll earn an assured 5.00% interest APY on the money deposited, 11 times the national average!

Webull is a trading platform offering various investment options to make money with your idle cash. Some options are stock trading, options trading, and dividend stocks. Dividend stocks are high-dividend paying stocks. Other options include day trading and swing trading.

If you like making money by trading in a stock exchange, try out this app. If you are not interested, you can find people interested in trading and refer Webull to them; you also earn on your referrals.

UserFeel App

UserFeel logo

You can become a tester of an app or a new website and earn based on time spent on a particular app or website. Testing means participating in shopping simulation, app testing, and completing our survey forms. You can be paid between $3 to $ 30 by spending 5 to 60 minutes on the work.

You can also participate in 20-minute tests and earn $10 for the test. You can read detailed instructions on the website and start earning. It is advisable to get a good smartphone for this purpose. You can get a lot of coupons and deals on smartphones from various brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, etc. when you buy it from some known online store.

Google Opinion Rewards App

Google Opinion Rewards

You can complete a quick survey (while standing in a queue and waiting for your turn!) on Google Opinions and earn money for giving your opinions. These surveys take less than a minute to complete, and you earn a dollar for completing this short survey. This will not make you a millionaire, but you can easily make more than $10 every hour.

The best part is you are asked for a review on various topics, from giving your opinion on a poll to adding a review about a hotel. Once you connect with Google, you are intimated about all the upcoming surveys. Various companies issue these surveys to turn customer data into actual sales.

1Q App

1Q app

1Q gives you a list of questions to answer, and you are paid via PayPal for every question you answer. These are short questions; depending upon the question, you earn between 25 cents and $3 per question. Once you earn the money, you can make easy withdrawals.

Last Words on Passive Income Apps

Passive income, how much so every tiny amount it is, we still like it. With so much development in the internet world, earning passive income has also become more accessible. Even you can find an app of your choice and start making money on that app. Start being selective with passive income avenues, see if the app works the way it promises, and then go all in. This is the safest and the easiest way to earn passively!

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