Education App UI Design: Top Six Trends in 2023

Trends are changing all the time, and UI design follows suit. But what about the learning app UI design trends? Are they the same? Are the trends for 2023 impacting them on a colossal scale?

In this article, we will see what the trends in education app UI design are and what their importance is when building the design of educational apps.

What is UI design?

What is UI user interface design? (? Credit:

A user interface (often abbreviated as UI) is a system that allows interaction between humans and machines. User interface design focuses on how easy a product is to interact with, which has never been more critical than in the digital age.

A good UI balances efficiency, functionality, and the needs of its users. Sensible, user-friendly interfaces have become an expectation users have when doing business on the frontlines of technology, and companies that value their customers’ time and money will pay attention to this detail.

Why Does Education UI Design Matter?

The best education app design is not the one that flashes with bright colors or unique combinations. The smartest education mobile app design is the one that can serve the needs of customers. Thus, it should have the following attributes:

  1. Accessibility – A good UI design should be all about the service it offers. There shouldn’t be any distractions. The UI should be designed in a way that makes it easy for users to access the features and information they need.
  2. Ease of use – A good UI design is easy to use. While it’s not the same as UX, one cannot exist without the other. A good UI design makes a product more enjoyable to use, while a bad UI design can make even the best product frustrating to use.
  3. Committed users – The UI design of an educational app can have a big impact on users’ satisfaction with the app. If users are happy with the app, they are more likely to keep using it. Therefore, it is important to design a great UI for education apps.

Education App UI Design – Top Six Trends in 2023


Things are changing, and the way we see education apps has also been quite a journey. Let’s see what the top trends for 2023 are.

Video Content Available on the Platform

Video content is a new trend in learning apps, and it helps a lot in training as it drives more engagement. By incorporating video content into your app, you can improve the overall user experience and keep users coming back for more.

It’s safe to say that video content is much more pleasant than texts, and even lessons with texts & pictures, as videos are more personal and interactive, and overall, they drive more engagement, which is crucial if you want to have many long-term happy customers.

Gamification of Education Apps

Gamification can help businesses motivate employees and customers. Model your business after a video game to create loyalty among staff and drive customers towards specific outcomes; whether it’s buying more products or booking more appointments, gamification is the key to making things happen.

It’s no coincidence it plays such an important role in designing educational apps.

Utilization of Dark Mode

More than just a trendy new design trend among educational apps, dark mode is also helpful for saving battery life in the long run.

Dark mode makes use of black elements, whereas light-mode apps would use white — a simple change that translates to major differences in the amount of battery power your app uses when it’s open on your device with no other tasks running.

While it doesn’t sound like a big difference, it does make it, especially because it’s more friendly to the eyes. On top of that, if you build an educational app with dark mode, you’ll allow users to have a better experience when learning during the small hours of the night.


What is an Infographic ((? Credit:

Infographics are graphics that present information quickly and clearly. They can enhance remembering by utilizing graphics to improve the human visual system’s capacity to see patterns and trends. That’s what makes them a great way to visualize information and learn more effectively.

Of course, there should be a limit on how to use them properly, but overall — a good piece of infographic could replace a couple of pages of text.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is an increasingly popular trend in education, as it allows learners to improve their skills anywhere. This type of learning can be extremely beneficial for busy students or those who have difficulty attending traditional classes.

Additionally, mobile learning apps often offer a more personalized and engaging experience than traditional educational methods. Mobile learning is amazing, as people can study while waiting at the bus station or when commuting to work.

Progress Bars

Progress bars are an amazing tool in UI design. They let you track your progress and see how far you’ve come. This is especially useful for educational apps, as it can help motivate you to keep learning and see how far you’ve gone and how far you are planning to go.


Designing a great learning app UI design is essential to giving users the flexibility they need to navigate through the app and learn more effectively.

By taking the time to design a user-friendly interface, you can ensure that your app will be successful and help users reach their learning goals. And after all, isn’t it the main goal ahead of businesses?

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