Market Makers in Crypto: Importance and Benefits

The cryptocurrency landscape is evolving, with numerous new products and tokens emerging and various platforms listing them. For a trading platform to be attractive to investors, it must propose sufficient liquidity. It refers to the ease at which traders buy and sell, swap, convert, and cash out the assets on a platform. In this article, we will discuss the role of market makers in liquidity provision to crypto exchanges.

Crypto market makers

The Role of Crypto Market Making

Market makers’ role is to keep financial markets liquid and favorable for trading. They ensure a consistent balance between supply and demand, facilitating active trading. Market makers enable quick order fulfillment by setting bids and asking prices for trading pairs, reducing risks, and creating a reliable trading environment. They can act as buyers or sellers in transactions when there’s no organic counterparty available, contributing to the market’s overall efficiency.

Market makers are large financial institutions or high-frequency traders that partner with a crypto exchange to engage in its market maker platform and provide necessary trading volumes to it.

The crypto market-making strategy involves actively providing liquidity to a cryptocurrency exchange by continuously placing buy and sell orders on its platform. The primary goal is to profit from the bid-ask spread. Market makers use various algorithms and techniques to adjust their orders based on market changes, ensuring they are always available to facilitate trades and maintain a stable market.

Crypto Market Makers’ Benefits for Exchanges


Market makers are vital participants in crypto exchanges, and here are the reasons why:

  • They increase the overall trading efficiency on a crypto exchange by continuously placing orders to buy and sell assets, standing ready to execute orders at any time. A high level of liquidity in an exchange’s order books is essential for smooth trade execution.
  • Market markets absorb large trade orders, protecting asset prices from extreme fluctuations. This helps protect assets from price manipulation and maintain stability on a trading platform.
  • Facilitating a high trading activity level, market makers make the exchange attractive for other traders and investors, increasing the user base.
  • Market makers contribute to price stability and an active trading environment by maintaining a low bid-ask spread. This helps instill confidence among traders and investors.
  • Market makers provide liquidity to tokens with inferior liquidity, enabling those assets to be traded more actively and increasing their visibility among investors.


Crypto market-making services play a central role in building a healthy trading environment, forming prices, and attracting participants to the market. By providing liquidity, reducing bid-ask spreads, and contributing to market stability, market-makers create conditions for efficient trading and increased overall market activity.

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