Unleashing the Power of Whatsminer M63S and Antminer S21 in Cryptocurrency Mining

The role of cryptocurrency equipment, which is increasingly found on sale, is growing as interest in this topic increases. People in the electronic currency market know that more than 4/5 of the profit comes from mining. That is creating new crypto coins according to a specific algorithm.

This way of earning money is attractive because it does not require professional knowledge and unique skills to organize the process. It is enough to buy such essential equipment for making cryptocurrencies as an ASIC. This mining machine is unique. It is connected to a common channel, and due to the power of the video cards and processors used in it, they earn crypto money for a web wallet. Human participation in this process is minimal since it comes solely to purchasing cryptocurrency equipment and setting up the program.

When choosing equipment, we recommend considering the hash rate and its level of energy efficiency. In other words, to buy a high-quality ASIC, choose a setup with the highest possible ratio of Bitcoin mining speed to the amount of electricity spent on mining.

The primary problem cryptocurrency miners have to deal with is equipment that does not justify the investment in its purchase. The unprofitability of ASIC is the wrong approach to the matter, namely the lack of simple calculations that are mandatory for a potential miner.

Bitcoin Mining

What calculations are we talking about in this case?

  • First, it is necessary to correlate the price for which the cryptocurrency equipment was purchased with the amount of your payments for electricity.
  • Mining will become profitable as soon as the number of bitcoins earned in a month exceeds the cost of electricity for the same period.

IT specialists experimentally established that Whatsminer M63S (360 TH/s) connectors do not reach their full potential. What does this mean? Users of these connectors receive a voltage of 30 or 40 watts. What follows from this? It would help if you took more connectors than video cards in the bundle, as dictated by the identified pattern.

What is hash rate, why is this indicator needed, and how is it calculated?

So, the term “hash rate” denotes a unit of measure of the equipment’s ability with which crypto is mined. Today, the choice of equipment for mining crypts is enormous; in particular, these are devices specifically designed exclusively for calculating hashes. We are talking about ASIC miners.

In crypto mining, power is the speed of translating a cryptographic difficulty of calculating a block hash checking to the difficulty value set by the network. In short, the miner recalculates the block’s hash frequently, trying to find one similar to or smaller than the deal the network sets. The hash rate indicator displays how many processes (the number of hashes) a mining device can complete per second.

As coins become increasingly difficult to mine, it is almost impossible to see the “X/s” designation today. In modern blockchains, solving cryptographic problems requires potent equipment, so prefixes are used to denote the hash rate indicator: “mega-,” “giga-,” “tera-,” “PETA-,” “exa-,” etc. Then, there is a hashing rate calculated in megahashes (MH/s), gigahashes (GH/s), terahashes (TH/s), etc. per second.

Whatsminer M63S (360 TH/s): A Technical Deep Dive

Whatsminer M63S Equipment

WhatsMiner is a brand and line of ASIC miners of the same name produced by MicroBT. The MicroBT company itself is young and was founded not so long ago, in 2016. The company’s headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China. There is a satellite office in the USA to support and service Western customers.

Asic WhatsMiner devices running on the SHA-256 algorithm are created using the “Plug & Play Bitcoin Mining” technology, which allows you to start mining Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash instantly. WhatsMiner specializes in producing and developing high-performance 28nm/16nm/7nm ICs and provides related system solutions and technical services. MicroBT plans to develop specialized chips, blockchain technology, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence in the future.

Whatsminer M63 360 Th is a high-performance ASIC from MicroBT. This newest model, released in November 2023, has an impressive 360 Th power. The device has a water cooling system, ensuring optimal performance and high efficiency.

Whatsminer M63 is a reliable choice for those seeking significant cryptocurrency mining results.

  • Hashrate, TH – 360;
  • Algorithm – SHA-256;
  • Coins – BTC/BCH/BCV
  • Energy consumption, W – 6646;
  • Efficiency – 19.9 J/TH;
  • Cooling – Hydro cooling;
  • Power supply – Integrated;
  • Noise – 50 dB;
  • Operating temperature, °C – from 0 to 40 °C;
  • Device dimensions, mm – 86 x 483 x 663;
  • Gross weight, kg – 27.

Antminer S21 (335 TH/s Hyd): Unveiling Cutting-Edge Mining Technology

ASIC Antminer S21 from Bitmain is a new generation of ASICs with a favorable performance and power consumption ratio. Such equipment consumes only 3010 W with a hashing rate of 200 Th/s. The new generation miner will provide the user with high profitability, which will ultimately justify all the costs of purchase and electricity. The manufacturer guarantees its high reliability and the ability to use it around the clock without overheating or any failures.

Antminer S21 Equipment

Features of ASIC Antminer S21

Antminer S21 works on the SHA-256 algorithm, allowing it to be used for mining Bitcoin, the world’s most famous and expensive cryptocurrency. ASIC development was carried out in collaboration with TSMC – this company is one of the world leaders in the development of semiconductors. As a result, the S21 series received advanced chips with dimensions of only 7 nm. The updated design has increased operating efficiency by 40% compared to the previous S19 series. Productivity and data processing speed have increased.

The name of the S21 series corresponds to the concept of the developers: each new serial number indicates the next step towards increasing the performance of mining equipment. It becomes faster, more powerful, and more environmentally friendly – reducing energy consumption reduces the negative impact on the environment. The manufacturer strives to minimize energy consumption; ASICs of this brand remain one of the most economical, given their high performance.

Main characteristics

ASIC Antminer S21 is a series of ASICs with the following technical characteristics:

  • The working algorithm is SHA-256;
  • Cooling method – air;
  • The hash rate is 200 Th/s ± 5%;
  • The noise level during operation – up to 85 dB;
  • Network connection interface – Ethernet;
  • Energy consumption level – 3010 W ± 5%.

Also on sale is an improved new generation model, the S21 Hydro, equipped with a water-cooling system for accelerated thermal energy removal and overheating prevention. The hashing rate has been increased to 335 Th/s, and the noise during the operation of the mining machine does not exceed 25 dB. Power consumption is increased to 5445 W, but a sharp increase in performance justifies it. Water cooling prevents overheating during operation and makes it much quieter. This machine is suitable even for home mining.

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