Why Do You Need to Develop an E-commerce App for Android and iOS Simultaneously?

The e-commerce sector is witnessing significant growth in mobile app development. This growth is solely fueled by the need to satisfy customers’ ever-increasing desires fully.

Also, mobile applications are essential in building lasting connections between business owners and their clients. Therefore, any business prioritizing scalability and success must develop an eCommerce app for android and iOS

Learning how to make an eCommerce android app will significantly help your business’s growth. But why should you? There are numerous reasons you need to build your android and iOS simultaneously, and this article will address some of them!

Reasons You Need to Develop an E-commerce App for Android and iOS


There are several ways having an eCommerce app for android and iOS will benefit your business. Here are some of them:

Improved User Experience

User experience will be significantly improved if you create a mobile eCommerce app. Mobile apps are easily accessible and comfortable to use. It doesn’t matter if your customer is in an office or car. They will be able to access the app with a few clicks.

Easy access significantly increases your chance of getting a purchase from your customers on your online store. Having your mobile app for android and iOS simultaneously will offer your customers flawless performance and a seamless user experience.

Also, a fast and easily accessible e-commerce app will captivate more potential customers.

Better Targeting

You will have more data to work with as a business owner if you create an eCommerce app. You can put in campaigns, push notifications, and newsletters that will target a group of users.

You can also begin app-only sales. This is a popular method where apps provide a 10% discount when a customer wants to checkout. Loyal customers can also be given better rates. You will always target customers who made a purchase and then disappeared.

You will have two data sets: Data analysis and business intelligence. Combining these two will significantly increase your revenues.

Staunch Help in Building Customer Loyalty

E-commerce app development can incredibly help business owners to build customer loyalty.

  • First, your mobile app will always remind your customers of you and your brand.
  • Two, your customers will see your app and logo anytime they use their phones.

According to emarketer, 59% of users prefer to use their favorite application when shopping online.

So to build loyal customers, you must develop an innovative, scalable, and powerful mobile app your target audience will love. And having your app on both android and iOS simultaneously is an added advantage.

This is because you can reach more audiences and build more loyal customers. Also, they will leave reviews on the Apple store and Google play store. This will move other users to download and use your app.

Improved Customer Care

You don’t have to depend solely on salespeople to give excellent client care when making an eCommerce mobile app. Many buyers agree that salespeople are usually unnecessarily pushy or not adequately learned.

A business can provide customers with better client care through item surveys and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You can also provide a live visit. This will only work based on your clients’ care efficiency. FAQs and item surveys will help you predict and correctly answer numerous customers’ requests.

A mobile eCommerce application will also allow you to have 24/7 phone support. This will further enhance your customer care. You will also be able to provide your customers with e-administration and assist them with handling critical issues swiftly.

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Offline Access

Ecommerce mobile application development will give your customers offline access. Mobile apps can be accessed with and without an internet connection. This is a core advantage for any brand and business.

This way, you will offer your clients open access to your products, services, and some key functionalities. Customers will also sort through their saved products and make buying decisions.

Things to Consider for an eCommerce App Development

things consider for eCommerce app development

There are some factors to consider before developing your e-commerce android and iOS app. Here are some of them:


Security of online payments for your customers and the ease of transaction should be your priority when creating an android and iOS eCommerce app. Another part of security you have to consider is safeguarding the data of your customers.

Your customers must feel safe sharing their details with you without having to worry about being hacked. Ensure you take your security seriously when creating your eCommerce app.


One mistake many business owners make after they have created their eCommerce app is to stop working on it. Don’t be that business owner. You have to look for ways your app can be better. An app cannot be gotten perfectly on the first try.

Before customers download your application, you have to ensure it won’t break down the minute they open it. You will make some mistakes, which is perfectly normal. This is why you must keep checking and updating your application so that it won’t become a nest for bugs.

When customers enjoy stability while using your app, they will likely use it often.


When creating your android and iOS eCommerce app, think long-term. Don’t limit your app. Design it in a way that will rival other top apps in the same category. You can never tell. You can experience a massive surge that your all will only be able to handle if it’s designed well.

For instance, if you design your app to scale your surfboard brand, the arrival of warm weather typically indicates an influx. So, the app should be designed so that the response time to every request and traffic you get will decrease as the demand increases.

Final Thoughts

To run your business successfully, it is crucial to develop an eCommerce app for android and iOS simultaneously.

The highlighted reasons are some of the benefits you will enjoy if you build both simultaneously. It’s an excellent investment that will help your brand to grow in no time significantly. Read more on eCommerce software development services here!

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