How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer (Android and iPhone)

Just like humans’ minds, smartphones are capable of multitasking and achieving impressive accomplishments. Alike after constant mind works, we get tires, so does the smartphone’s battery gets tired when continuously run at the blazing speed. We all know how it feels like looking down at your battery and knowing that it is running out of charging and even worst to see that it’s already dead.

In this article, we are about to discuss how to make your phone battery last longer. We understand that cellphone battery replacement is something that no one wants to go for.

First, let us discuss how to extend your cellphone battery life.

7 Ways to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life (Android & iPhone) by ThioJoe

How to Extend your Cellphone Battery Life

Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to make sure that the battery doesn’t last long. Everyone needs a good battery life, and everybody deserves it. These are some tips you can always to conserve energy.

  • Tone Down Your Screen: Have you ever noticed that one can never energy the battery if he or she has the flashing bright screen? If it is kept at low brightness and only bright it up, if necessary, it is the way one can conserve the battery very well. Especially if someone is in a situation where no one needs to save it for a longer run, turn down the brightness to preserve it.
  • Power Saving Mode: Most people put their phones on power-saving mode only when they are running out of battery. It is preferred if you put your phone on the power-saving mode all the time. It can bring an efficient change in battery consumption time. You might feel that your phone is a hot lagging, but if you need long battery life, then you need to sacrifice a little for it.
  • Look at your Panel: Have a look at your panel, are those unnecessary things running in your background? For example, your location, rotation, Wi-Fi, or mobile data even if you don’t need them. Well! It would help if you switched it off as these things extend battery life.
  • Close those Extra Tabs: I’m sure you miss out on this point. Have you ever bothered to close down the tabs that you don’t need and are running unnecessarily at the back of your phone? Those slow down the process of battery drainage. These were the points on how to make your phone last longer alongside the battery life.

05 Battery Charging Tips for Android and iPhone

So these are some fantastic tips for the better, and faster charging of your phone and to prolong the lifespan of your cellphone.

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  1. Don’t do the Complete Circle: Make sure you don’t charge your phone from zero to a hundred fully but put it for a charge before the phone battery completely dies. It will affect the phone because lots of applications are running at the back of the system, and it suddenly breaks, which leaves many commands un-executed.
  2. Avoid Overnight Charging: Overnight charging is a big No! Because no one of us gets up and removes the phone from the charging at night because we all are so lazy. The overnight charging can really burn your battery out as it also brings other phone issues like the touch panel not working well.
  3. Charge at 90%: Instead of charging the phone to the fullest, it is ideal that the cellphone charges 80 percent. It will surely improve your smartphone battery life. As we have discussed previously, overcharging can kill the phone, so it’s better to put it off from the charging once it’s 90 percent.
  4. Fast Charging Technologies: Fast charging technologies can be a killer if you are trying to extend battery life. More rapid charging might give you a benefit for now, but it will ruin the overall phone’s performance and will be a great spoiler even for the best battery life phones.
  5. Heat: Of the career is making the phone get heat, then you should definitely change the carter as it will burn the battery, and one has to replace it, which will be great hate. You should avoid using it with the chargers that heat the phones.

FAQs on How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

  1. How to extend battery life?

    As we have previously discussed, that just not by overcharging, avoiding fast charging, keeping the phone from dying completely, you can extend the battery life of your phone.

  2. How do I keep my phone battery healthy?

    Just snooze down the activities that are running on your phone unnecessarily, and there you go! You can literally conserve your phone’s battery life and keep it healthy in the long run.

  3. How can I keep the android battery last longer?

    Android smartphone batteries are usually rigid, but in order to keep them last longer, we all need to have chargers that are authentic and original. Original careers are the most compatible of all the characters available. They might not be the fastest options but so far the safest for the batteries.

  4. How to make your batteries last longer on the iPhone?

    Well! iPhone batteries are a little tricky. Since there are a lot of things happening in the background, so all we need to do is minimize them as far as we could since efficient phones demand more battery consumption.

  5. Best way to make sure your smartphone battery life last longer?

    Just make sure that you use the genuine charger! Otherwise, it will affect the lifespan of the battery.


We have discussed how we can preserve the phone’s battery life, and it can serve us in the longer run. With little effort, no one can improve the overall cell phone battery and phone performance and can avoid all the hassle.

Let us know your thoughts on how this article can be of great benefit to you by the comment section below. As we have tried to bring all the essential tips on how to make your phone battery last longer for you.

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