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07 Tips on How to Make your Phone Last Longer

In the present day, cell phones have turn out to be a dangerous part of our lives. We have developed into a cell phone society. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you undoubtedly have your smartphone with you nearly. Cell phones aren’t even mainly for calls any longer. They’re used to ensure everything which makes our lives at ease and more satisfied.

However, the unassuming fact is the more usage of phones, the more their performance suffers. Also, they face contact with dust & sediment.

When you splash the cash on a new cell phone every year or so, it often runs swiftly for a limited period, and then seems to get slow curiously. Nevertheless, you can defer that throbbing experience by putting together a few tips on how to make your phone last longer or keep your phone in good physical and working condition.

1. Handle your Cell Phone with Care

Cell phone screens are very delicate and likely to any damage. Make sure that you always handle your phone with care to avoid any scratches as it can entirely result in deterioration of the touchscreen experience.

Avoid grazing and cracking it, and don’t put the phone in dangerous places like at the back of your pocket or keys within the same pocket to keep your phone last longer and harm-free.

Similarly, water is unsafe for your cell phone. So, it would help if you never gripped your phone with wet hands. When you think through how expensive phones are, ensure not to take the risk of destroying it with water by taking it to the bathrooms or nearby swimming pools.

2. Keep your Cell Phone at the Right Temperature

A lot of individuals might not know that temperature plays an immense role in prolonging your cell phone’s life. To keep your cell phone safe, keep it away from extreme weather conditions. It would be best if you kept it in a dehydrated place to avoid molten and moist conditions.

Like a human physique, your phone also has an optimal running temperature that requires to be retained; if your phone overheats or becomes too cold, it may perhaps slow down or turn off on its own. A bonus tip is to never rest your phone on your car dashboard in direct sunlight or any place where it will catch heaps of burning.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

Almost everyone loves apps, but many of them could cause trouble for the phone, mainly the unused apps like a game that you don’t play anymore or an additional browser application. These apps are continually running in the background consuming precious battery power, phone’s memory resultant in poor performance.

Thus, go through your applications and get rid of the ones that are no longer in use. Uninstalling such apps will dig out more space and saves battery power.

4. Update your Apps Regularly

Irrespective of whether you run iOS or Android, it’s very significant for your phone to run efficiently, taking up not as much storage and more rapidly by keeping the software up-to-date.

Likewise, for improved performance and enhanced security, the up-to-date versions of your device software generally come with bug fixes. Therefore set your apps to update automatically, or update them by yourself no less than once a week to keep your phone in leading condition.

5. Maintain your Battery Life

There are several things you perhaps do on a daily basis that are damaging the cell phone’s battery and sinking its whole lifespan. So, if you want your battery to work, ideally, you may need to take care of it in the right manner. The most essential thing you can do is making sure to charge your phone before its battery life drops to 0 percent and powering it off from time to time.

Secondly, not to overcharge the battery during the day, somewhat letting it run too low, and always charge it with the original charger. Phone batteries are willing if you retain them above 20 percent and lower than 90 percent.

What is more, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use, turning off the brightness down, and vibration mode for notifications will ensure enhancing phone battery life.

6. Protect the Smartphone Screen

A cracked screen can make your smartphone phone challenging to use, and it may turn out, leading to extra expenses. Instead of repairing your screen, get a good quality screen protector, which is an excellent investment to diminish your risk of a broken screen, and safeguard your good-looking crystal screen. There are loads of screen protectors out there, but the enduring strength and scratch resistance will make your cell phone last longer.

7. Clear your Phone Storage

Having photos and other things mount up on your phone hog storage, and it can majorly disturb your cell phone’s productivity. Delete unwanted files, or back up by syncing with the computer and get rid of the years’ stored photos. Also, make sure to clear caches that take up memory you might use for the kind of stuff you certainly need to do.

These few mentioned tips will help to keep the phone in form and boost its efficacy, ensuring your phone lasts longer, allowing you to get an absolute advantage out of it.


Treat your cell phone with care to guarantee it keeps going as long as you need it to. Abstain from keeping it around water or clingy surfaces and consistently handle it with care. Smartphones are unimaginably costly; however, they are entirely vital, so get a decent case for them and keep the battery in excellent condition as far as could be expected under the circumstances.


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